Sabiamente - Centro de Estudos

(Lit-Tech Project)

Rua da Alegria, 299
+351 96 048 79 03
+351 96 809 95 65

Sabiamente, Centro de Estudos is a private school in Porto (Portugal) and was founded in 2007 as a private initiative.

Our mission is to promote the development of each student as a human and social individual and our main goal is the integration of immigrants through language. The organisation and education is non-formal. We are open to cultural initiatives that align with our objectives. This openness allows us to benefit from many individual initiatives and
voluntary contributions.

Since 2011 Sabiamente has its own school building in the centre of Porto. An architecture project realized by our student Ren Ito.

To formalize and to certificate specific educational areas of the school is our goal for the near future.


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