The aims of the project


The partner network will create new motivation to attract and stimulate learners as well as educators for ICT-based learning and teaching approaches by sharing and assessing different training instruments from the other European partners.

This includes comparison and experience exchange on application of digital contents and tools as well as requirements on methodology.

Overall the objectives are:

  • to reach adult learners who have left education without basic qualifications to give them alternative opportunities to access education
  • to transfer approved practice in assisting learners with illiterate backgrounds
  • to support educators in using ICT-based pedagogical approaches with those learners

ICT tools - from web based courses up to Web 2.0 - are providing solutions to help learners in overcoming personal disadvantages: e.g. to gain access to further education or the job market as well support communication in their everyday life. Adult learners will be helped to overcome their lack of confidence with new technologies.

The partners will share their specific know-how in the use of ICT with the target group and assess how well the learners are accepting and using the technology. Additionally the partners will reflect on how educators are prepared and acquainted with these tools and what advantages or disadvantages there are in their application and use.

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