CDI Univerzum

(Lit-Tech Project)

Grošljeva 4
+386 1 583 92 73
+386 31 265 699

CDI Univerzum is one of the Slovenia’s most established providers in the field of adult education.

We are a college of further education (16+). Our students are teenagers and young people who dropped out of regular schools, middle aged unemployed people, working people in need of retraining, pensioners. Our students come from extremely diverse social backgrounds – ranging from well-off individuals with poor level of education to people from disadvantaged areas and different types of immigrants.

The education programmes we provide are mostly formal programmes which follow the national curriculum. They include primary education and a number of vocational programmes at secondary level: gardening, catering, tourism, retailing, mechanics, IT, administrative and business studies. There are options to do a three, four or five year course and/or pick individual specialist subjects or modules (NVQs). The majority of courses include some kind of practical work - this gives the students a chance to get an insight into their future jobs and perhaps even establish contacts with future employers.

We also provide a general study programme leading to “matura” exam. Candidates who pass this final exam are able to continue their studies at a university level. The more vocational final exam “poklicna matura” enables the students to continue their studies at higher education colleges.

In recent years we have begun to shift our focus to informal education and lifelong learning.


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